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Want a copy of my book, Free?

Everyone loves a freebie, right? Well, here’s a great freebie – a PDF copy of the book I wrote last year, The Principles of Successful Freelancing.

All you need to do is visit this website, and either follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter, or put your email address in the box to get a download link.

I’d like to also suggest you follow me on Twitter, whilst you’re at it. :)

Judging by people’s reactions, this 10 day only giveaway will once again be HUGE.

The team at SitePoint did the same thing some time ago, with another book. The result of that twitaway was 13,000 new followers in under a week! That’s a great jump in followers for anyone over any period of time, let alone an increase like that in a week. You can read all about that campaign over at TwiTip.

I hope you enjoy the book (so much so that you’ll buy the real paper version too!), and remember, this only lasts for the next ten days.

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  1. Follow you on twitter — tick
    Have a hard copy of your book — tick

    Oh yeah, I work for SitePoint so I don’t count :)

  2. thanks, I have just downloaded the book and I will read it soon.

  3. Tiang

    Save me an autographed copy? :)


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