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Design Thieves once again

Bam Website, circa 2006-2008

Above; the Bam Creative website, circa 2006 until now…

Back in May 2006, we had our first serious copy of the Bam Creative website. My approach at that time was to collect evidence, hire a lawyer and go after the offender. It worked – they took the site down, and ended up settling with us for our claims out of court. My two posts about this incident can be seen here and here.

Then, in September last year, we had another thieving designer pick up the Bam Creative website, code and all and use it on a client website. This time, I only posted about it once, and I called them ‘lazy designers’. I didn’t ‘name and shame’, I didn’t even link to the offending website, as I felt sorry for the client involved. In this instance, we had our lawyers contact them directly, and the site was removed, and our case was quickly sorted out.

Another design (and this time, photo and text) thief.

A few weeks ago, once again, a fellow web company owner points me in the direction of two copies of our site. Now, is this flattery, when not only do they swipe our XHTML and CSS, but also the photo of the window at the front of our office, and most of the text? (Exhibit A, above)

Screen grab, another lot of similarity there...

Then again, this one (Exhibit B) using most of our words, XHTML and CSS. The thing that disappoints most of the team at Bam Creative though, is the lack of quality improvements, as opposed to the dodgy additions that get added.

Anyway, both the above examples have now been sorted out – websites gone, apologies accepted, etc.

Now, what should we do, next time around? What do you feel is a fair punishment for this behaviour?

Images: The ‘Stolen from Bam Creative’ 2008 Collection.

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  1. Garr. On a day like today, I say you make them walk the plank! ;-)

  2. damn, Adam beat me to it!

    But seriously: unbelievable!! Even more unbelievable that it’s happened more than once!

  3. Jeezus, there has to be a monetary penalty or it WILL keep happening. What the hell is wrong with these people – aren’t they paid to be creators of original ideas???

  4. Great ideas are copied. again and again.

  5. Ben

    Damn, it irritates me that it keeps happening Miles, keel haul them all, but it does say something complementary about Bam Creative.

  6. its a really shame that people like this think that they have the right to steal and cheat in our industry. They really need to be chased out of town!

  7. what crass plagiarism and fraud!i get your point…at first i thought its just about templates now i can see its identity theft!

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