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Design Thieves Part II

Leia with face paint by Meredith

So, the design theives I previously posted about, are now aware of the legal action that has started against them. I was aware of this by the fact the offending site was drawing a blank page for the last few days, and is only now back online, with a quick and rough redesign. That plus an email from them asking us not to proceed with legal action tipped me off.

Due to the legal situation, I’m not going to post the link, but if you are like me at all, and enjoy those ‘Spot the difference’ cartoon games you see in the weekend papers, you may get a kick out of these two CSS files;

Enjoy comparing the two files; and also note that every other HTML file was just as similar – an uncanny coincidence?

Image: My daughter, Leia, with butterfly face paint by Meredith.

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  1. Ross

    Yes agreed – very similar. I notice there is no copyright notice/statement in the comment at the top of the BAM CSS. Is that deliberate or an oversight?

    I’m not a lawyer and don’t pretend to know anything about copyright law, but IFAIK inclusion of some sort of copyright statement in any original work would help some with the kind of legal action you appear to be heading down.

  2. INAL either, but I’m pretty sure copyright is implied. As long as you can prove who launched first, you are apples.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments.

    In Australia, the appearance of a copyright symbol or not is irrespective of the creative work still having copyright. Unlike many other countries, we do not need to lodge materials for copyright to take effect, it is simply first in, best dressed.

    Note that copyright is quite different from patents, trademarks and designs.

  4. Pooh? Thanks Pooh?

    Throw the book at them, they deserve everything they get!

  5. With Regards to copyright – some lawyer did advise us to post this on our website (this was 5 years ago) not sure if the content is still valid, we don’t read the small print do we?

    Either that has worked for us or our design is so bad that no one has attempted to copy the site

    Oh Pooh! do tell what the site it was..

  6. Come on Miles, words like “Staff mugshots” are common in style sheets… and copy right over style? we all use arial, 10pt.

    Do you think they also use the “Bam Manifesto”? but with their own brand on it?


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