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The Buddha is popular on Twitter

It turns out that the Buddha has become popular on Twitter. What started as a test for the Twitter API, just over six months ago, has resulted in twice a day tweets from quotes from The Buddha, being delivered to 634 followers (currently).

Want some uplifting sayings every twelve hours? Join Twitter (if you haven’t already) and follow @thebuddha. Most of the sayings aren’t religious in nature, they are merely positive thoughts and common sense. Thanks for following.

You can see the more than 380 sayings that have already been tweeted, by using the ‘Older’ and ‘Newer’ buttons on the lower part of this page. You can even grab the RSS feed for your own remixing or re-tweeting.

Want to spread the Dhamma? I need volunteers to collate writings and quotes from the Buddha, and create lists of 140 character sayings to tweet. Please get in touch using the comments below!

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  1. Would love to help contribute, but unsure if I’ve got the time.

    Anyway, i’ve got a little book on my shelf titled “Heart of a Buddha” which contains many buddhist quotes which would fit well into the @thebuddha scheme of things.

    There’s a webpage setup by the people that published it here:

  2. I’m currently reading Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. I’ll keep a highlighter in hand and let you know if I find anything good :)


  3. Miles, I had no idea you were behind the buddha. I’ve been a big fan for ages. I never travel anywhere without my copy of “The Dhammapada” translated by Thomas Byrom. I would be more than happy to grab some quotes from it, please let me know how I can contribute.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I just joined a few weeks ago and I have been following all the motivational twitterers. I follow two other inspiring people on Twitter you might want to add: @SuccessMan and @BeMeaningful. It’s nice to get inspiration from real people, as well as from the Buddha!

  5. Hello everyone, what I need is words from the Buddha himself, or words from teachers, put into a plain text file, with no more than 140 characters per line.

    You can grab free e-texts from places such as;
    The Dhammapada
    Theravadin Suttas
    Mahayana Sutras

    It’s quite easy to format, once you have done a number of lines.

    This would really help the cause along. Any help that anyone can offer is very appreciated – click on ‘contact’ at the top of this page to email them to me.

  6. I don’t mind giving over some time at the weekend to entering some quotes :)

  7. @Dave yes, I’m using a php script to post the tweets every 12 hours. It uses a plain text file with one quote per line to send tweets. Be great if you can chip in to help!

    @Chris that would be great! Any help is most appreciated. I’ve been short on time the last month or so, and I’m hoping that by getting more people involved, we’ll get a wider spread of interesting quotes.

  8. I love these, twice as much now that you’ve expanded the database ;) but I do have one tiny request: Can you keep a master list online somewhere that gives the reference of the quote? There’s been one or two that I’ve hunted through Google and cannot find the original reference. For example, the one that goes something like “Those can who think they can” which even WikiQuotes leaves unsourced.

  9. Hey, nice work. I’ve got a whole book of Buddha’s sayings in Pali and Thai; I could translate them into English, surely. Let me know if you’re still interested. @yuttadhammo

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